About us

Who we are

We have many options for web engines. SitePad, WordPress, and Softaculous for many other options! We’re in the business of hosting great ideas.

oleander host

Our system is built on reliable and industry leading features.  We are a team of experts that build, secure and help maintain your WordPress sites.  We start from a different position then most others.  Our hosting is protected through many layers of security and our servers are hardened for greater security.  Our hosting services are for small to small/mid sized businesses that want to know the people that support them.

We are a group of people that could not find solutions that were simple.  So after many conversations we decided to offer them ourselves.  Our hosting service come out of the box with all of the security and management you need to keep your WordPress site running.

A website isnt much good without email so we offer that too.  Your email can and website can be migrated if you are currently on another cpanel hosting system.


Need to talk to us? No problem, we schedule calls to solve issues. We also have the ability to text with you. We are trying to make access to help as easy as possible.


We actively monitor our hosting envirnment for fast resolution of problems.

24/7 Support portal

We have team members in many different time zones. We use the support portal to track and communicate effeciently. We do connect with customers by phone 8-5pm CST. Support calls are on an outgoing bases only.


We know that you will love our product. We designed it that way. But if it doesn’t work for you, cancel and we will refund your money.