Find information here that can explain a journey with us!

Oleander host is made up of a top tier group of professionals that have a deep understanding of webhosting and website building services.  We have on staff engineers, server administrators and web building experts.  

Our servers, we take a lot of pride in the system we are using to offer services.  Each feature was chosen for the best results that can be achieved.  We monitor our servers closely and actively resolve issues.  This includes contacting customers when we see issues from our reports. 

Uptime is important and we take our systems reliability serious. We also take much care for our server speed offering.  Oleander host will make changes actively to keep our servers from being overfilled.  This keeps performance up across the entire system.

Trying our service and want to know how we care for your data?  We take extreme measures to keep your data safe while a client.  What about after service has expired?  We hold clients data for 30 days in easy access storage and up to 3 months in cold storage.  All clients need to submit a support ticket for migration files to be delivered. This service is typically completed within 48 hours.  A link with file location will be sent to access files. 

Many other vendors have a bad reputation for not helping you retrieve your files.  It is important that our clients do not experience this from us.  

We take backup and restore serious.  Down time is exactly that, we have made our system to take daily backups.  These backup ups are stored in two different areas.  We also backup our servers as a whole.  This multi-tiered backup strategy makes accessing and retaining backups easier to manage.  When uptime matters we can have you back up quick.  Other vendors have been known to leave customers sites offline for weeks at a time.  Our average turn around times are 1-8 hours.  Each event comes with its own set of needs to get it resolved.  This is why we leave windows of service instead of a promise with no accuracy.  

Interested in getting started with our webhosting service?  First start by choosing a package that fits your needs.  Go through the checkout process, you will need to enter the domain that will be attached to your hosting service.  

Once through checkout, look in the email you registered the account with.  You should have received a welcome email, if you have not contact support.  We can help you gain access to your newly purchased account.  

In your account interface you should find the services that you chose to purchase.  Short cuts to managing the account will be in this area.  Once you have looked around in this area you will find your login for cpanel.  Cpanel is the place you will make changes to the main features of the hosting account.

Managed DNS is standard with our service.  We have found that this simplifies setups for customers.  We also use an advanced DNS provider that offer additional security and attack mitigation features.  Do to the additional setup necessary to activate this feature hosting will have a delay for DNS setup to be completed. 

DNS setup takes 1-8 hours to complete. Our DNS service resolves changes to future records in a matter of minutes. With advances in security needs and requirements for sending email, we maintain the main access to all DNS records.  If needed, we can share access for your domain. 

Our DNS setup was chosen for the speed at which changes are replicated and the additional security features that come with it.  Cloudflare, the industry leader protects your website from a series of different intrusions and denial of service attacks. Cloudflare boasts that it can withstand terabytes of denial of service attacks.  

Cpanel is a powerful hosting tool.  It allows you to control webhosting  features in one centralized place.  This is where you will setup your email accounts and install the webhosting platform you will be using to build the website. 

In this area you can see resource allocation and usage.  Cpanel has too many features to list on here.  Feel free to explore your cpanel installation.  Understand that you can make you installation stop working if the wrong settings are put in place, change settings with caution.

Webhosting speed has many factors that can change the experience of users.  The first and biggest factor for a great user experience is a lot of resource.  You can get this by purchasing one of our top packages.   Next will be the software you are using as the engine that runs your site.  This would be something like wordpress. 

Once site has been built a caching plugin will optimize the sites code to perform at its best.  Not all plugins are created equal and not all plugins play nice together.  This is why it is important to research what best fits your needs. 

LiteSpeed is a web server software package it is lightning-fast and has robust security features. Unlike the free Apache server that comes standard on all Linux based servers, LiteSpeed is a paid license service but offers significant advantages to other web servers. LiteSpeed offers much faster rendering times for processing web requests.  This allows for a snappy response time and the best results for end users visiting your business. 

Our service was designed with customer satisfaction in mind.  We have chosen to make an all in one solution, ready to go so you don’t have to figure it out.  We have maxed out the features that can be offered in a web hosting service.  We offer the best supporting software available for hosting services today. 

Starting with Cpanel, Litespeed, immunify360 and Cloudlinux, these features all offer incredible speed and security.  Cloudlinux is an amazing operating system, this allows us to give our clients secure independent jail cells to keep privacy first.  This is accomplished by a feature called CageFS. 

For clients that need a dedicated environment we have options for you too. 

High availability web hosting is a special type of web hosting.  This is where two or more pieces of hardware host your information for public viewing.  It is a powerful platform for dividing web workloads.  It has a main advantage,  this allows one server to fall offline and the website will still offer service.  Allowing time for the server to be brought back online.  

Server load balancing is also a great benefit of operating in a high availability environment.  When one server has a delay the other instantly picks up the slack.

Webhosting has many layers to make the end product work.  You have an operating system, website engine and website with content.   Choosing a web engine is a critical moment in your website building journey.  We recommend wordpress, this is because you will have the best support available.  All professional builders will push you into wordpress because they have invested years into learning it.

WordPress has industry leading features and support. 

If you have already setup an account with us, you should have email service access ready.  One more step needs to be taken to complete this setup.  Login to your Oleanderhost account,  find the link to go to login to Cpanel.  Once in Cpanel, find the email link at top of page and click it.  In this area you will be able to add the user for the new email accounts. 

Once new email account is made, click check email next to new account that was made.  When you enter the email portal through round cube an email will be waiting for you with instructions to setup mobile devices for simple email access. 

We include wordpress toolkit as apart of our software suite.  This makes managing and logging into wordpress super simple.  In this portal cusomters can also change important settings like php version control.  This plugin gives you the ultimate control over your wordpress site.

For upgrades crossing in to a different type of service, please contact support and schedule this service.  This service is free of charge. 

Server security can be complicated, we have implemented every premium feature on our servers to keep your site up and the information on it secure.  The servers we run actively scan and mitigate issues that arise.  Our shared environment is shared only at the base level.  Each customer has an isolated cell that limits any cross over access protecting data. 

This happens to many users because webhosting has many different layers that all need to be linked to make the information flow.  If you are experiencing this kind of an issue please submit a ticket to our help desk and we will get with you to correct your hosting issue. 

We do connect with clients by phone, but we have chosen to reserve this as a last resort because we get much more reliable outcomes by our ticketing system.  Instead of hiring a bunch of people to just fill rolls in the company,  our ticketing system escalates issues straight to the best we have to offer.